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What To Look For In A Painter

Both businesses and books are judged by the way that they look. That is why you want to make sure you are making the right impression with the look of your business. It is important to find a team of qualified commercial painters in Melbourne. A reputable painting company will help you select the right colour scheme for your business. They will also ensure that the painting job meets your expectations. Below are some of the things you should look for in painters from Melbourne.

1.) Inside And Out – There is a difference between exterior and interior paint jobs. Even if you are only in need of one service, you should choose painters who offer both interior and exterior painting services. You will likely want to get your exterior and interior walls painted down the track. You will save money and time if you find a company who can do both exterior and interior painting.

2.) An Amazing Range – This means they have a wide selection of paints. You do not want to have to hire a third-party service to get the colour you really want. You should select a company that has a wide variety of paints. You will be able to save money and time when choosing a colour scheme.

3.) Modernisation – Innovation plays an important role in both exterior and interior painting. Every year, new manufacturer processes involving machinery and paints are realised in order to help improve the lifespan and look of the paint job. You want a company that keeps up with the latest innovations in order to deliver the best service.

There is a lot more to painting jobs than what people can see. You want to make sure the job will last several years when you invest in a paint job. How will you be sure the paint job you get this year will still look great years down the track? Many homeowners and businesses are choosing Hands Free Painting. Visit http://www.handsfreepainting.com/ to find out more about them.

Treat your dog this Christmas: Gift Ideas

Do you treat your dog for it’s birthday?  No?  There’s usually only one special day to treat your dog with something extra, and that’s Christmas. They’re there for you every day of the year with a big smile when you get home.  Here’s some gifts you can give to repay the loyalty.

dogdog 3

dog 2


If there’s one thing dog’s can never get enough of, it’s toys.  Squeaky balls, fake bones, fetch toys, rope toys, soft toys – the list never ends.  No matter how many they have, they’ll always love the last one the best.


Get your dog ready for the festive season with some new clothes.  They can be Christmas themed to fit in the holidays, or something that they’ll be wearing a bit more often.  There are some really cool ideas for interesting costumes this year!

dog 4


Dogs can never get enough food.  Get them some special treats this Christmas, food that you won’t let them eat on a regular basis.  You get a nice Christmas Feast, why shouldn’t man’s best friend get in on the act, too?

dog 5

Dog beds

If you want to go that extra mile for Christmas, you can also get your dog a bed.  Blankets, bolster beds, or just cushions or mats, make your pet extra comfy this Christmas so they can get their beauty sleep.

And there you have it.  Have a Puppy Christmas!

I was recently sent a tempered glass screen protector for review. I was very excited because it’s for the iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t have one, but my brother does and he would definitely love this.

tempered glass 1

tempered glass 3

Product Description

- NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR IPHONE UNBREAKABLE?. Never worry about dropping your phone again! This tempered glass screen protector could save you hundreds of dollars in the future.
– 9 OUT OF 10 IPHONE USERS AGREE THAT THEY A NEED SCREEN PROTECTOR. Surveys show that 90% of IT engineers claim that a tempered glass screen protector is the best way to safeguard your iPhone. These are the best screen protectors on the market. Perfect view quality. Easy application method. No air bubbles and no adjusting position!
– EASY TO INSTALL IN UNDER 60 SECONDS. This low cost iPhone screen protector can be easily taken off and on! The tempered glass is super sensitive so that you can operate your touch screen like no extra layer.
– PROTECT YOUR SCREEN FROM SCRATCHES AND DROPS. Let our iphone 6 protector take the impact instead of your iPhone’s costly screen. Tempered glass screen protector is made of sophisticated, anti-fingerprint Oleophobic coating. This high-tech coating prevents fingerprints and stains and is very easy to clean. This tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness, it is able to effectively protect your screen from scratches and external shocks.

My Thoughts

It looks so thin and very fragile. Don’t get me wrong though, because like they said in the description, it is pretty strong. We’re used to using plastic screen protectors and believe me, it takes an expert to install it. Those air bubbles are pretty annoying and the plastic ones are not very sensitive. What I like about this tempered glass screen protector is that it is very easy to install. It’s pretty thin that you won’t even notice that the phone has a screen protector, but it’s sensitive enough, making you navigate through the screen smoothly. It’s like there is no screen protector at all. My niece likes using my brother’s phone and accidental bumping or dropping can’t be avoided. With his OtterBox casing and the tempered glass screen protector, it gives him peace of mind that his phone is well protected.

tempered glass 4

tempered glass 5

Overall, he loves the screen protector and how cool it looks on his phone. If you are in the market for a screen protector to protect your phone from scratches and drops, this is a great product to try.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Premium iPhone 6 Plus+ Tempered Glass Screen Protector through the website and on Amazon. It’s fairly priced at $8.99.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but no matter how much I take care of my iPhone cable, it still ends up broken after a few months. An original Apple cable is expensive! There are a lot of imitations you can buy around, but, most of them don’t work. It’s a good thing I was given the opportunity to review the +LIFEGUARD Charge and Sync Lightning connector by +LIFEGUARD Lightning Cable.

lifeguard 1

lifeguard 2

Product Description

  • Apple Certified: This Lightning Cable is Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 100% compatible)
  • Size: The +LIFEGUARD Charge and Sync Lightining cable has 3.3ft (1m)
  • Compatibility: iPhone 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5 / iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, Air 2, Retina / iPod 7TH Generation and 5TH Generation
  • Charge and Sync: This Lightning Cable is able to change and sync you apple device
  • Guarantee: The +LIFEGUARD Charge and Sync Lightning Cable has an 12-month money-back warranty and it carries the trustworthy +LIFEGUARD brand. You can count on the +LIFEGUARD customer service crew anytime and anywhere.

My Thoughts

The wire used to make the cable connector look strong and durable. I tried bending and twisting it and it looks like it won’t tear easily. I also like that it’s compatible with most Apple devices. I’m impressed that I was able to sync my files because most bootleg cables can’t do that. Plus, it’s a lot longer than the original Apple cable that comes with your device, so it’s more convenient to use.

If you’re tired of replacing your original Apple cables too often, this is a good product to try. It comes with a one year guarantee and is compatible with most Apple devices. This would also make a great gift to friends and family.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the +LIFEGUARD Charge and Sync Lightning connector through Amazon. It’s fairly priced at $9.97.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Get the Most out of your Soap

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Is your soap melting too fast? It’s probably because the soap dish still retains some water. To keep soap from melting, place some marbles on the soap dish. It will keep water from accumulating in the soap dish, making your soap last longer.

Shopping for a Cello

While my sister was busy checking the student cellos at the music store, I left her to buy us coffee. I had a feeling it will take her a long time because I was pretty sure she will check each one of them, ask the salesperson a lot of questions and she’ll keep changing her mind on which brand or model to buy. She really takes her time when shopping, but I really don’t mind going with her. She may be very meticulous, but she always ends up getting her money’s worth.


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