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Give New Life to a Leather Purse

coconut oil

Restore shine to a handbag that’s lost its luster by rubbing a dab of coconut oil onto the surface, then  buffing with a soft cloth. The oil’s lauric acid will break down dirt and ink while the fats help condition dry leather.

Play for Real or for Fun

If you are into online gaming, I am so sure you have been to a lot of casino sites on the web, not just to play and have fun but, to win money as well. I am also sure that you have made a research on these sites just so you know which of them are safe and which of them will only rob you. But what do you really look for in a gaming site aside from being safe legit? Would a large casino bonus attract you?

I found a really interesting blog that lists gaming sites offering a no deposit bonus. The objective of the blog is to guide and assist players in finding game sites that offer not just welcome bonuses, but daily no deposit bonus codes. All you have to do is sign up to get access of their listings. They have quite a number of members and it seems like a friendly community because you can join the forums, ask questions, get some tips and learn some strategies from other players.

My husband doesn’t gamble, but whenever he has free time, he plays. Not for real money though; he takes advantage of the no deposit bonus codes that are posted daily. I’m not sure if he has ever won (or maybe he doesn’t tell me), but I am sure that he never lost real money. According to him, the website is updated daily, so every day you can get new codes. When I checked the blog, I found out about the coin system. When members submit a comment or write a review, they will get CB2 Coins. And for every 800 CB2 coins they can convert to real $1. Not all gaming sites offer that.

Revitalize interiors using vinyl wall decals

Its great idea that a person deciding to add some flair to their house décor. For example, living-room decor, bedroom decor, nursery decor, and so on. Using vinyl wall decals around any rooms in a house or in business setup has appreciated to be the latest trendy way to decorate by most of the people around the world as it is dynamic and durable. So, a person who wishes to decorate their space in a most fantastic way packed with their own individual design and style, elegance and can astonish the guests who check into the house. Even though, one does not feel their embellishment abilities are most magnificent, such ideas when take a form of vinyl wall stickers will acquire really an incredible look.

wall deacal 2

wall deacal 6

Picture perfect choice of decorating wall

The elite graphics that are used to create the decals collectively with the hassle-free application procedure makes these sorts of décor stickers of the most outstanding methods to put in style, shade and affection in the entire house. Vinyl wall decals can be pasted for any room in the house to offer a creative edge to the space equivalent to that of painting at lesser cost. Vinyl wall decals are similar to what art is for a performer or what a color is to blossom. In both the examples, they are quite inseparable from one another and an addition to the latter. Wall decals and stickers are one among the best ways available using which one can add elegance and beauty to their home. This decoration will elevate the mood of the occupant, pave way for communications and facilitate characterizing their easy bedroom decoration.

wall deacal 3

Stay in bright environment

There will hardly any better choice than wall decals for decorating one’s living room to make it look brighter and impressive. A better choice of wall decals will be a great communication starter as they may become a hot topic among guests for conversing while they enter into the room. Using an apt option of vinyl wall decal, will help one to showcase their individual taste in distinct areas. There is the availability of an extensive array of themes to pick from both online sites and on interior gallery or wall decal store. Scenery, nature, music, sports, pop culture, animals, kids, vehicles etc are few among the several themes to choose. For example, blossom popping out beautifully from behind a couch onto the surface such as furniture, walls signifies cheeriness and being with the natural world in harmony.

Achieve beyond expectation

Wall decals are generally applied in living room as it is said to be the focal area in a house. Generally people who visit the house, first have a look in this room and hence it is finest thinking to décor it with wall decals. Wall decals is not necessary to be used only in living rooms, as there are many rooms within one’s home where they can add these for spicing up its look. For an instance, one can make use it on the walls of the passages, kids’ room, and kitchen and even in their workplace. By making use of this, one can effectively offer each room and space in their house its own exclusivity. It is recommended by the expertise interior designer, to probably make a central theme for homes and can make use of some additional sub theme for it. Hence, by doing so, they can put up many vinyl wall decals which they prefer to have within their home. Thereby,  they can add a characterization or a specific singular feel to every space and room in their house. There are many choices of wall decals which will portray one’s inner feelings in most impressive and attractive way and withstand as an exemplar to its occupant’s temperament.

Sense of staying in the right place

When a wall decal is applied, there will be unique story to convey to the guests for every space and room. Wall decals are always referred as a visual aid to convey one’s individual thoughts, preferences and desires to the visitors. One may infuse warmth, romance, humor, mystery and whatever their likes to the space. It is great to consider a vinyl wall art decal to more of a modern form of art. One will not find it as more fun to make use of, but stunningly they remain as a most effective medium to express themselves to others. A person who wishes to achieve a sense of warmth and peace environment in their room, can go with the choice of floral wall decals to décor as they will never fail offer such feelings.

Transform the dwelling

Wall stickers or wall decals that are made out of different materials, especially the one which is made using matte vinyl are preferably used and as they are recognized as one among the finest home décor accessories. One can place them anywhere in their house and can fix it on anything. May be on wood, fiber, metal, glass etc, it can be easily applied; still, it is better to be cautious that the surface is flat and even. Moreover, to achieve an artistic look, it is a great idea to have it on a single colored surface. It is highly mandatory that the selected space of the room is clutter free. Also, to bring out the preferred effects out of using wall decals, it is must to pick choice of other home décor accessories and items that work out in harmony.

Bringing in an apt choice of accessories is a must

The way one play with color while decorating a room explains many things about the appearance and design of the space. To add extra beauty for a room one can also choose contrasting colors and at times even subtle colors such as ivory, black, white, cream, and peach can offer the serene appearance of a space and room. Equivalent to the importance given to selection of wall decals, one should also pave attention in placing the other home décor accessories in place without locating them in a clumsy way unless the entire beauty of the room will get spoiled.

Nice Wigs and Hair Pieces

These days, it’s hard to keep up with the latest hairstyles, so what the trendsetters and the fashionable women do is to just wear wigs! I found this wig online that would definitely fit my face and is also stylish enough to keep up with the hairstyles these days. It’s so convenient to just wear wigs since you don’t have to have your hair treated all the time, which also means you’ll be able to save money!


While summer means real fun for many of us, it also means fun for bugs. I’m sure you are annoyed with the discomfort and pain those bug bites, bring, especially if they cause infections. Insect repellent sprays are a staple in my home, but there are times that the kids don’t want them. Glad I was recently given the opportunity to review Magnetic Screen Door via Tomoson. It arrived really quick via Amazon Prime.

magnetic door 1

magnetic door 2

magnetic door 3

Product Description

1) MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR NIRVANA. Ought, heavy mesh construction. Mosquitos stand no chance.
2) STACKED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS, SEWN in the reinforced edges. Never Breaks & No Gaps.
3) THE “VELCRO MILE”. The ENTIRE FRAME is lined with Super-Duty, Reinforced Velcro along EVERY inch.
4) KILLER VIDEO TUTORIAL. Ensures you get your Screen quickly installed right the first time.
5) “BUGS-NOT-INVITED” GUARANTEE. Don’t like it? Return it for a FULL refund, no questions asked.

My Opinion

Even before the item has arrived, I watched the video and had a pretty good idea that it’s easy to install. I wasn’t wrong because the instructions were very clear. It fits perfectly and there are no gaps. It took my husband only a few minutes to install it.

My twin granddaughters love to play outside the house a lot and we just can’t keep the door open or the flies and mosquitoes will come in. We’ve considered investing on a screen door, but it’s expensive. The magnetic screen door looks like a perfect solution to keeping away bugs. The screen looks even more durable than the screens we have on our windows and the magnets work like magic.

magnetic door 4

magnetic door 5


Like I said earlier, it’s very easy install and won’t need instructions at all. Even I can do it. You have the option to use the nails that are included in the kit to make it more secure or you can just use the Velcro magnetic strips. There are no gaps, so you can be sure that your home stays bug-free.


Although the materials used to make the screen door look durable, the Velcro might not hold up for a long time if you know what I mean, so it’s still necessary to use the nails to secure the screen door. Velcro magnets tend to get loose over time and you need to replace the strips later on.


Aluminum screen doors cost a lot; this Magnetic Screen door seemed to fit the bill and is very affordable. It works perfectly at keeping the bugs away and I highly recommend it.

You can get it on Amazon for only $29.95.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Soothe Minor Sunburn with Black Tea


Ouch! The sun was more intense than you thought, and now you have splotches of pink skin. To soothe skin, dip black tea bags in cold water and place on burned spots. The tea’s polyphenols and tannic acid will relieve the burn and speed healing. For a widespread sunburn, place 10 tea bags under the faucet while filling the tub, then slip in for a soothing soak.

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Lower Your Heating and Cooling Cost

Are you sacrificing comfort in order to avoid outrageous utility bills? Does your inefficient heating and cooling system leave you with a home environment that is unpleasantly hot in the summer and uncomfortably cold in winter? It may be that your current system is in need of repair. If your system is outdated, replacing it with a modern, energy efficient system can make a dramatic difference in your heating and cooling expenses and in how pleasant the environment is inside your home throughout the year.

You can click here to obtain information about the services offered by a reputable heating and air conditioning service. It’s essential that you deal with a company with a good reputation and a high customer satisfaction rating. A company such as this, will offer free estimates. They will also have technicians working for them who are licensed, certified, bonded and insured. These are all qualities you want to be assured of before entering into an agreement with a heating and cooling installation and repair service. You should also check to see what type of guarantee a company offers.

If you have your current system repaired or a new system installed, the next important step is to establish a preventative maintenance program. It is less of a financial burden to have your system checked out regularly than to allow small problems to escalate into expensive repairs. Regular maintenance will assure that your system is operating efficiently, thereby keeping your utility costs low and your home comfortable.

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