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The Save to Fading Plants

yellow leaves

If the leaves of your favorite potted plants have started to turn yellow, that signals root rot. To save the plants, just water them regularly with a solution of 1 cup of water and 1 oz. of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will release oxygen into the soil to kill microbes and nourish the plants, so they’ll green up in no time.

Old-Timey Oil: The Latest Food Trend?

Cottonseed oil has been around since the 1860s, when it was initially refined for use as lamp oil. With no cholesterol, little to zero fat in its non-hydrogenated state, long shelf life, and potential as an enhancer for Vitamin E absorption, it is easy to see why cottonseed oil is becoming a popular food-prep choice. The oil, in its traditional state, does not impact the taste of the final prepared dish.

Acala Farms: Tapping Into the Forgotten Trend

The Wisconsin Botham Vineyards and Winery, owned by Sarah and Peter Botham, introduced a line of flavored cottonseed oils and the traditional unflavored variety for cooking purposes in 2012. Originally available in unflavored, habanero, jalapeno-lime, chipotle, garlic, and cilantro, they’ve since added flavors such as curry, fried shallot, and chili cumin due to the line’s success. Michael Pruet, an executive chef at the restaurant Steenbock’s on Orchard, is a fan of the cottonseed oils from the Bothams. Chef Pruet uses the pure oil to prepare various dishes, including vegetables and seafood, because of its high smoke point.

The Rise of Ingenuity

While cottonseed oil has been in many products Americans consume on a daily basis, including mayonnaise and ice cream, its use as an individual cooking oil has long fell out of the public’s consciousness. Lines such as Acala Farms aim to bring cottonseed oil and its cooking benefits back into the minds of the public.

The cotton manufacturing industry helped bring cottonseed oil back to the cooking forefront. The director of cottonseed marketing and research at Cotton, Inc., Tom Wedegaertner, became inspired when he started comparing cottonseed oil to other cooking oils on the market, including olive and soy-based oils.

According to Wedegaertner, cottonseed oil’s appeal partly lies in the fact that it is high in antioxidants and has no cholesterol or trans fat. For an increasingly health conscious public, this type of oil is a fantastic cooking option. Adding flavored oils to the mix, and allowing consumers to use the oil in a variety of cooking methods, only adds to cottonseed oil’s overall allure.

Ever-Evolving Uses

Many experts, cooking professionals and those who cook at home are using cottonseed oil in a number of different ways. A Texas Woman’s University Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Dr. Clay King, recommends cottonseed oil for those who love deep-frying turkeys each Thanksgiving. Per King, cottonseed oil is a healthier alternative to the traditional canola oil because unlike canola, cottonseed oil is not hydrogenated.

Cottonseed oil also possesses a higher smoke point, meaning it takes longer to catch on fire and provides a safer solution for the annual turkey deep-fry. With the addition of the flavors like those sold at Acala Farms, it’s only a matter of time before cottonseed oil finds its way back onto the menu in many homes and dining establishments.

Stubborn Stains?

hydrogen peroxide

Pretreat it with hydrogen peroxide. To do: simply wet the soiled spot with 50:50 solution of hydrogen peroxide to water. Let sit for 30 minutes, then wash as usual. Peroxide gently oxidizes stains, so they can be washed away. The trick ensures that stains are completely removed from light-colored fabrics.

Get Rid of Price Tag Residue Fast

Hate the pesky price tag residues that just won’t go away? A non toxic way to get every trace of glue and these price tag paper bits off your new guitar case is to combine just enough baking soda and cooking oil to make a paste and rub a bit onto the spot. Fatty acids in the oil will break down tough adhesive bonds while the baking soda will acct as an abrasive to scrub away even the most stubborn residue.

Erase Deodorant Marks in a Flash


Nothing is more annoying than finding a white streak  of deodorant mark on your dark shirt when you’re in a rush. The quick fix? Rub a dampened pair of old panty hose on the streak. The nylon fibers brush away residue without smearing it into the fabric, erasing the mark.

Chinese Sweet 16 Party Dresses from Tidebuy

When my niece said she wanted to wear a sweet Chinese dress for her sweet 16 party, I was thinking of Chinese collars and silk materials. Oh, I hear you and please don’t laugh because I know you’re thinking that I’m too old already. When she showed me the Tidebuy chinese sweet 16 party dresses she found online, I was speechless. They are way too beautiful from the dresses I had in mind and they’re not so Chinese for me. Take a look at these dresses and tell me if you think they are so Chinese…

1] Lovely A-Line Appliques Pearls Empire Short Homecoming/Sweet 16 Dress. The pretty sleeveless dress is embellished with Ruched, Appliques, Pearls and Crystals. The material is made of Organza and is available in all sizes and different colors. I like the light pink best and my niece will look perfect in it.

sweet chinese 1

2] Lovely Strapless Flowers A-Line Lace-up Short Sweet 16 dress. This short dress has a very glamorous and dramatic style. It’s embellished with pretty white flowers and Tulle was the material used to make the fluffy skirt. This dress will definitely make heads turn.

sweet chinese 2

3] Delightful Strapless A-Line Bowknot Lace Knee-Length Lace-up Sweet 16 Dress. It’s so simple yet very elegant. The bow and the interlaced design at the back added drama to the already gorgeous dress.

sweet chinese 4

sweet chinese 3

I realized that not because they call it Chinese sweet 16 party dress, it has to look like a traditional Cheong Sam. These dainty party dresses she found at http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Sweet-16-7773/ are some stunners.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Exploring Customized Home Loan Options

When applying for a home loan, customers should receive offers that are customized according to their specific status and income. For example, professional mortgage brokers must ask clients about experience in the armed forces. In the United States, the Veterans Affairs organization sponsors affordable home loans for former members of the military. VA loans usually don’t come with down payments, which would amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, VA mortgages are usually offered on brand new properties that are near major military installations. It would be convenient for U.S. veterans to live in areas that could provide employment in civil service.

Individuals with low annual incomes might be eligible to receive loans that are backed by the government. Federal Housing Administration mortgages are usually given to first-time homebuyers who are considered part of the working class. A mortgage broker can inform customers about the credit score required for FHA loan approval. When it comes to approving applicants for home loans, the government is not as strict as private banks and other financial institutions. However, a poor credit score below 500 might disqualify applicants from receiving an FHA mortgage.

Many desperate homeowners often seek refinancing options due to mounting personal financial difficulties. Mortgage brokers can offer such people viable options for consolidating debt that might include credit cards, auto loans and personal loans. The Home Affordable Refinance Program is one option that could help homeowners reduce monthly mortgage payments and consolidate debt. With HARP, there is no need to execute a new property appraisal as the refinancing is based on Automated Valuation Model (AVM) data that’s generated by the federal government.

Honesty is an important quality in a mortgage broker. Such a professional might sometimes advise clients to wait a bit longer before applying for a loan. For example, a broker could tell low income customers to gather some money for a down payment in order to improve the chances of getting approved for a fixed rate mortgage that comes with a long-term commitment, such as 15 or 20 years.

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