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Durable and Comfortable Scrubs

When a man wears scrubs to perform his work duties, there are many features he looks for in this item of clothing. First, they must be comfortable. A man who works as a registered nurse must wear clothing that allows him the freedom to move patients in their beds, walk the halls throughout the workday and bend down to pick up items from the floor. Dentists, physicians, veterinarians and dog groomers are some more examples of people who need scrub pants and shirts that allow them plenty of freedom of movement. Here are some other features that men look for when shopping for this important item of work clothing.

A man who works in one of these career fields needs clothing that is durable. He will need to wash this item of clothing everyday. Daily washes should not affect the color or condition of the scrub pants or shirt. When a man works in one of these occupations, he needs to look professional as well as neat. Durable scrub pants and shirts will allow him to accomplish this goal.

Oftentimes, men look for a selection of scrub pants and shirts that offers plenty of colors. Perhaps his employer wants him to wear a particular color in order to coordinate with other employees in the office. It would be easy to find one specific color in a selection of many. Alternatively, a man may be allowed to vary colors. He may want to purchase several to expand his choices of work wear.

Creating a memorial slideshow for a recently deceased loved one is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their life. It gives you the ability to show the world how much of an impact they made during their time here. Although looking through old photographs and videos may be a difficult task, it is a labour of love that gives you the opportunity to create a fitting tribute to a much loved family member. Once you have gathered all the photographs and footage that you will use, there are many different options for creating your memorial slideshow and ensuring that your loved one’s memory is preserved in the most fitting way possible.

Collect as Much Material as Possible

Ask your friends and family for any photographs, video footage, certificates or articles they might have that relate to your deceased relative’s life. Be sure to place a note on the back of each item so you know who to return it to afterwards. Try to select material that shows your loved one at their best such as photos depicting them on holiday, indulging in their favourite hobby or pastime, family gatherings and also add some photos of them from their childhood and school years.

Upload Everything to Your Chosen Movie Maker Software

Windows Movie Maker is extremely easy to use even for complete beginners as you can simply drag and drop each item into place and edit it to play for as long as you like. Ezvid is another software program that allows you to create beautiful videos in seconds can be downloaded for free from their main website. Once you have all your footage in place, whittle it down to four or five minutes worth of footage that highlights the main points you wish to make. If your loved one was an accomplished athlete, be sure to show plenty of photographs showing their achievements, or if they devoted their life to their children include many happy family portraits.

Add Effects and Narration

You can use the software programs to add text that explains each photograph if it requires it, or simply put the date below each one. If you would like to add your own voice over the video to tell a story, you can do so using your PC or laptop’s built-in microphone. Choose a song that has some special meaning to your loved one so you can add it to the slideshow to provide the perfect background music for your memorial.

Give a Copy to each Family Member

Once your video is ready, you can burn several copies onto CDs to pass out to relatives after the service or upload the footage to YouTube. Guests can then download it using a service such as YTD and keep a digital copy that they can watch whenever they like. If you prefer, you can set the video to private so only the people you choose can access it and not all YouTube viewers.

A memorial service is an emotional experience for everyone involved but provides the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one and share memories about your time together. There are also many professional companies that can prepare your video for you, but putting it together yourself adds an extra special touch and allows you to have total control over how your relative is remembered during their memorial service.

Lisa Harold is a veteran funeral director. She often writes about ways to manage the difficult times after losing a loved one.

Freshen Up a Rug


Musty rug? The easy trick to eliminate carpet odors is to simply cut open a dry black tea bag (new or used) and sprinkle the leaves over the rug. Let sit for 10 minutes, then vacuum away. The plant compounds in tea leaves attract and absorb odor molecules, leaving your rug smelling fresh again. You can do this trick on pet beds too.

Turn Heads with Turquoise

Ever wonder why turquoise is the best summer go-to accessory? It perfectly matches all the pastels that are on trend. Plus, the vivid rock flatters all skin tones. Here, check out these amazing designs at www.joyjewelers.com. The key to ensuring the pretty stone won’t overwhelm is to match it with your hairstyle.

turquoise 4

Chandeliers are best with short hair because they mimic the shape and length of the hairstyle.

turquoise 2

turquoise 1

Danglers are best with long and straight hair. Long straight earrings that fall below the jawline visually elongate the neck. That draws focus downward to make the whole body look leaner and taller.

turquoise 5

Clusters are best with waves. Chunky earrings partially obscured by waves create a beautiful frame for the fave.

Easy Chip Clip

photo1 (2)

Cutting a slit into a wine cork turns the bottle topper into a chip clip. Source: First Magazine

Improve Your Home with Stylish Iron Gates

There is no feature of your home that people see more than the front facade. Your driveway, garage door, and the landscaping that you do around the frontage of your home all comes together to create an image, either good or bad, that people carry with them when they think about your residence. Even passersby, with a quick glance, formulate an opinion of your home based on how well the frontage is put together. But there is one small complement to your home’s front that can dramatically increase it’s favor in the eyes of your guests, and it is often overlooked: iron gates in St. George. This one small addition can add flavor and an air of sophistication to your home that it otherwise would not have. Keep reading for some ways that a stylish iron gate can improve your home.

Create a Barrier

When visitors enter your home, you want them to feel comfortable. One of the best ways to create this feeling is by installing a few natural barriers that help your guests feel like they are leaving the outside world and entering the world of your home. A great way to do this is by installing some sort of gate at the entrance to your property, preferably an iron gate.

Spruce Up Your Yard

Many yards are well-kept, but they lack that extra something that elevates the property from serviceable to truly memorable. One way to set your property apart from everyone else yard is to install a gate. This type of barrier is immediately recognizable and just unique enough to make your visitors stop and admire your bold choice of decoration. Your gate need not be ultra-lavish or overbearing to create the desired effect, a simple design will often do, but the effect of installing such a fixture in your yard will be something that no guest will be able to ignore. If you have been considering landscaping your yard or simply adding to what you’ve already got, iron gates in St. George are a great way to ensure that you make a good first impression on your visitors.


Proven Dental Care Tips for Teens

With adulthood just around the corner, now is the time to be encouraging your teen to take responsibility for the health of her body. Nothing is more important than making sure she has a clear idea about caring for her teeth.


Continue with the routine she has had since childhood

Hopefully you have brought her up with a solid dental routine in place. She should have  become used to brushing at least two minutes a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing, eating a diet heavy on dairy products, fruit and vegetables and light on sugary sweets and snacks. She should also be visiting the dentist at least yearly for a professional clean and check up.

Allow her some independence

At around the age of twelve, you can start to encourage her to have her dental appointments without you in the room. This helps her to develop trust in the dentist and allows her to speak freely about any issues she would rather mention without you being present.

Orthodontic work not to be feared

Teens may require orthodontic work and need to wear braces to correct crooked teeth. Explain to your teen that her teeth will be easier to clean and will last longer if this work is done. Of course you can also appeal to her desire to look good – a perfect set of teeth is definitely more attractive than a mouthful of misaligned and crowded teeth.

Keep her teeth safe with a mouth guard

If your teen plays sport, encourage her to use a mouth guard. Anyone playing contact sport runs the risk of damaging or even losing teeth if not wearing a mouth guard. The pain and suffering a heavy fall or a blow to the head causes will be greatly alleviated through the wearing of a properly fitting mouth guard.

The way forward

Keep the good dental habits going that your teen began in childhood. Regular brushing, flossing, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups should be maintained. Encourage some independence by allowing her to see the dentist on her own. Build up her self esteem if she needs orthodontic work done by explaining the long term benefits and provide a mouth guard if she plays sport. By following these steps, you will have gone a long way towards ensuring a lifetime of good oral health for your teen.

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