The Modern Mom
October 25, 2009
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Daughter and I had a day out, we went to the mall!  We rarely go out together because she’s too busy in school.  But now that she’s on a semestral break, I’m sure this won’t be the last.  We went to Gateway Mall and made the first stop at Cocktales for a smoothie.  I ordered for Sour Grapes and she got Watermelon Mojito. Yum!

Then it was time for window shopping.  We spent hours browsing through boutiques, shoe stores and even checked the plasma tvs that are on sale.  It was almost evening when she declared that her feet are achy, so we decided to have an early dinner at Teriyaki Boy.  After a hearty meal, we ordered take-away food for the boys and headed home with sore feet.  It was a great day of bonding, my feet still hurt but it was all worth it!

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