The Modern Mom
July 11, 2009
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My kids loved to doodle when they were younger, and they did it everywhere!  They loved making squibbles on the floor, tables and cabinets, but the the walls were their favorite.  Getting rid of the marks and stains was a tough job after they’re done doodling.

I had to think of other ways and lavished them with lots of papers and art supplies so they’ll keep away from the walls and floor.  I bought them sketch pads, coloring books, bond papers, art papers, colored pens and pencils, and other art materials.  No paper was ever wasted in my home.  I’d collect old documents and bind them together with binding glue so they have an instant sketch pad.  Soon enough, they got the idea that doodling is more fun with a piece of clean and crisp paper.  What made it more fun was when hubs and I doodled with them on weekends.  It became one of our favorite bonding time!

art supplies

How about you?  How do you deal with it?  Doodling is a part of growing up,  and even grown-ups doodle!  So don’t get upset when kids do it on your walls.  Instead, try to instill the idea that doodling is no fun if it is not done in paper.

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