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October 8, 2014
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Choosing the right frame for artwork is just as important for an art collector as it is for an artist. The perfect frame will complement a beautiful piece of artwork. When choosing a frame, it can be challenging and exciting. There is an almost limitless selection of frames to choose from, so it’s possible to choose a frame that doesn’t match your artwork. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that you can take to ensure the perfect frame is chosen.

Frames Free Of Obstructions

Far too many frames come with a lip. Although the purpose of the lip is to protect the edge of the image, it’s actually an obstruction, and it can degrade the overall appearance of your artwork. The best frame choice is one that attaches to the backside of the artwork.

Bespoke Framing Services

If you happen to want a premade frame for your artwork, then you can go with bespoke framing services. There is nothing wrong with using premade framing options because many of them look superb. The problem is that you’re much more likely to have to make some sort of compromise when you go with a premade option. For a frame that is the perfect size, color and texture, bespoke framing is an excellent option.

Matching Your Art’s Message

Every single piece of artwork has a purpose to serve. There is always some type of message behind art. Style and color are very important when trying to match a frame to your art’s message. However, it’s best to look at the bigger picture. You need to make sure the frame does your art some justice.

We all know that premade framing can be a great option, but you should never completely ignore customizing framing options. Maybe you’re looking for some canvas stretcher bars. The Sydney Canvas Company can give you the bespoke framing services that you need and will take good care of your art. You can learn more at

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