The Modern Mom
August 26, 2010
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My husband enjoys watching F1 races and Ferrari is his favorite team.  When I first heard the word Tifosi, I asked him what it meant.  He said, a true Ferrari fan is called a Tifosi.  So if you are familiar and you see all those people on the bleachers wearing red, they are the Tifosis.

A Ferrari car is not seen here often because only a few owns a ferrari so it’s definitely a head-turner. Hubs has a friend who has a Modena. He loves it so much that he takes really good care of it.  He even made advance orders of Ferrari parts and had them shipped home just in case something goes wrong with his precious car. Hubs knows that he wouldn’t settle for anything less.  Can’t blame him, it’s an expensive car and surely, hubs would do the same if he were in his shoes.

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