The Modern Mom
August 18, 2012
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Francis’ parents gave him a Mahindra XUV500 when he graduated Summa cum laude from college. He loved the sleek, modern look of his dolphin grey SUV from the moment he set his eyes on it. But when he saw the interiors of his new vehicle, he fell in love all the more.

He loved that the interior of his new SUV was lavish and spacious. The seats were comfortable and stylish. The driver’s seat had 8 adjustment settings he can choose from. The two-toned upholstery of the seats gave it an elegant aura that his girlfriend found particularly attractive. She also loved the soft feel of the fabric seats. The arm rest has glass holders which he found really convenient because he drinks a lot of water. The seat belts can be adjusted comfortably to the height of the person seating on the seats. The second and third row seats are flat folding and are arranged for convenient storage.

Perhaps what impressed Francis the most with his new baby are the Mahindra XUVz500 safety  features.  It is equipped with an airbag each for the driver and the passenger. It has side impact beams and crumple zones designed to protect the passengers in case of a crash. Moreover, it has side airbags and curtain airbags that will surely protect all the passengers inside the vehicle in an accident. In his Mahindra XUV500, Francis felt truly secure.

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