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April 25, 2015
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If your kids are anything like mine, they are fussy about what their bedroom looks like: from the walls to the colors and of course, the bed linen. Children like a bedroom that expresses their personality and their hobbies and interests, and they love when everything works together to represent who they are and at Sleep & Co you can find plenty of options. Of course, bedding is a central part of the bedroom: parents have to pay attention to the colors, design, patterns, characters and of course, the level of comfort that’s why is important to choose the right bestspread that you can get here at LilaHampton. Below are five important tips to keep in mind when picking out your kids’ bed linens!


1) Don’t skimp on bedding

Cheap or low quality bedding may be easy on the pocket, but it can be uncomfortable for resting. When it comes to bed linen, it may be worth investing on higher quality bedding in order to make the bed a welcome resting spot where kids can sleep comfortably. Higher quality bed linen will also last longer, making it a cheaper choice over time.

2) Keep colors & themes into account

Your kids’ bedrooms probably have some sort of color pattern on the walls, décor and furniture. When you are picking the bedding, make sure to pick colors that work with the color palette and don’t clash harshly with the bedroom. Generally, softer or darker tones do best, as they instill a sense of calm and relaxation – perfect for the sleeping area. Themed bedding sets can also be a great choice as they add a touch of fun or personality to the room. Even a simple addition of soft, gentle fabric with a minor pattern like the bed linen featured in this kids’ essential bedroom collection can turn a bedroom into a comfortable retreat, and make sure you get them a comfortable mattress, read these Sleep sherpa reviews Nectar to find the best ones.

3) Consider the weather & seasons

Depending on where you live, you may need to get different types of children’s bedding based on the weather and temperature. This may also vary by seasons, so thinking ahead is key. Summer sheets may be too thin for winter, which instead requires softer, warmer fabrics that keep the warmth in. For warmer temperatures, easy-care cotton blankets and sheets will allow air to flow through, but make sure you utilize Organic cotton which is ten times better than regular cotton.

4) Think ahead: buy oversized

Often, we moms think short-term and buy items that our kids will grow out of in no time. When it comes to children’s bed-linen, we may make the mistake of buying bedding that fits their small bed without thinking ahead. If your kids have small beds that will have to be replaced in 2-3 years, it’s best to buy good quality bedding that will fit their next bed as well. It extends the longevity of the bed linen and helps decrease future expenses.

5) Drawing the line: hobbies and interests

Decorating boys’ and girls’ bedrooms with fun sheets can be a great way to add personality to a bedroom. Whether your kids love race cars, a particular television show or movie, or sports, few kids wouldn’t enjoy their hobbies and interests expressed in their bedding. However, as a mom you are placed in a difficult position: will your kids love their bedding a few years down the road? Will they grow to be embarrassed by their Barbie bedspread? If you want something that lasts longer, heavily themed bed linen may be the wrong path!

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