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September 4, 2013
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baby wipes

Do you ever leave home without it? It’s about time you put a pack in your purse (choose the ones infused with aloe vera) because these wipes can be your packing savior. Read on…

Makeup remover – Whisk away makeup, dirt and oil from your face using a baby wipe. Gentle aloe will hydrate and is safe for all skin types.

Sunburn soother – Hold a wipe on sunburned areas for a few minutes. The aloe will help ease inflammation and rejuvenate skin.

Deodorant-stain remover – dab over white streaks. The delicate cleansing agents will remove buildup.

Hair tamer – Lightly run a wipe down hair to get rid of pesky flyaways. The aloe contains saponin, a slightly sticky agent that will keep locks under control.

Portable air conditioner – Swipe across your forehead, neck and wrists. Dampening those areas will cool the skin and lower your body temperature.

Instant hand wash – Scrub over palms, fingers and under nails to remove grime. The aloe’s antimicrobial properties will defend against germs.

Toilet paper – In a pinch, these baby wipes will take care of business — and make you ultra fresh. It goes without saying that, toilet training babies is much more pleasant with these on hand.

Surface cleaner – Swipe over any tables or chairs in public areas to remove dirt or germs before snacking.

Shoe polish – Rub the wipe across shoes to remove dirt and scuffs, and along the insole for a fresher scent.

Cut protector – Press against minor cuts or burns until first aid can be administered. The wipe’s aloe will protect the area from germs and bacteria.

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