The Modern Mom
May 30, 2010
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I’m sure you get tons of greeting cards every year.  But instead of throwing them away, there are a lot of things you can do with them.

1)  INSTANT POSTCARDS – The inside left of greeting cards is usually blank.  Simply cut off the right side and write a message on the left, stick a stamp in the corner and you’re ready to send it.

2)  DECORATOR ACCENT – You can frame the card with a picture you love.  You can even rotate seasonal cards in a single frame for a timely display at any time of year.

3)  TRIM YOUR TREE – You can cut out images from you old favorite Christmas cards, punch a hole in the top, string coordinating ribbon through and use as unique and interesting Christmas tree ornaments.

4)  QUICK BOOKMARK – Cut the front of the card into a long strip.  Use a hole punch at the top, and tie a ribbon on yarn through the hole to mark your page with a unique bookmark.

5)  FREE GIFT TAGS – With your old greeting cards, there’s no need to buy gift tags – just cut a square out of the front of a pretty card, write your message on the back, then attach to the gift.

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