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July 6, 2013
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An issue of most concern to a logistics or shipping related business is weight. The prices of freight transportation is always set by the weight of the package, box, pallet or whatever is being shipped. And whatever the business type whether it’s the direct shipper or the product manufacturer, knowing the price of each box, pallet or product shipped can reduce operational costs. This makes a floor scale one of the most important assets to any businesses. Floor scales make it easy for warehouse personnel to weigh, price and track shipments. Without the right scale, shipping any product results in additional operational costs, and the amount of this loss can be substantial.

Using ‘guesstimates’ when trying to ship merchandise is very inefficient. As a manufacturer, or sales organization, knowing the weight of the product gives the business negotiating power when contracting shipping services. That’s why having industrial scales from Floor Scales Direct on all warehouse shipping floors is essential to business productivity. These types of scales work well with anything from livestock weighing to pallet and box weighing.

The Choice

For many business owners, selecting the right scale is complicated especially if they aren’t that familiar with scales. However, the sales reps at are extremely knowledgeable in everything that refers to shipping. Just consult with them as to the type of products the business ships and they can offer the right sized scale. Every customer service representative at Floor Scales Direct is trained in weights and scales. They don’t just offer the manufacturer’s suggestion, but really understand the shipping and logistics industry. Call today to get the help you need with the warehouse floor scale the business needs.

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