The Modern Mom
August 13, 2012
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I regularly drop by my friend’s bistro just to see how she’s doing and to also grab a snack. A delivery truck was parked outside when I arrived and a sign hung on the door informing her patrons that they are closed for the weekend for some repairs. I stuck my head in to take a peek. My friend was standing near the counter supervising the staff.  They were taking delivery from the floor store for the bistro’s new laminated flooring.

The old flooring had seen better days and it’s high time to change it, she told me the last time I was there.  The dilapidated floor was unsightly and was quite a turnoff. I called her out and she went out to greet me. It was nice to know that her bistro’s doing well. I told her that I would miss my favorite turkey sandwich as they were closed. What I didn’t know was the kitchen was actually open for takeouts for sandwiches and some select entrees.  Goody!

Soon, her loyal regulars were tricking in to order their favorite food. Her sandwiches are the best with a healthy serving of side
dishes. I, of course ordered my turkey sandwich and a shrimp sandwich for my husband. A couple of salads completed my takeout. A queue started to form and some of her waitresses were already taking orders. Even with repairs being done, she just couldn’t turn away her loyal patrons. Her staff actually knows the regular orders of some of her customers. Having that personal touch is a great come on. No wonder people loves her bistro. Good food, excellent service and that personal touch is a perfect recipe for a successful restaurant.

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