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December 9, 2016
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Hotels are some of the largest consumers of water, electricity and disposable products, placing them among the most environmentally unfriendly establishments in the world. However, the good news is that companies can take steps to reduce their ecological footprint, all of this will be possible with this waste management company who will help get rid of the trash thrown away by these hotels and end up recycling them, they will help reduce the amount of waste that comes out of those doors.

Reducing Water and Electrical Usage

Because depriving guests of regular showers is not a part of a successful business model, hotels must find other ways to reduce their consumption without offending the sensibilities of those who choose to stay at their properties. Many hoteliers find that their guests do not mind the less regular changes in bedding; in fact, many are comfortable with housekeeping simply making their beds. Learn more about business and other green businesses like beekeeping with Lee Rosen Miami.

While reducing electrical usage often seems harder, opening or closing an unoccupied room’s shades will cut down on the amount of heating or cooling necessary, switching “Exit” signs to LED versions will decrease the amount of electricity that they consume and using solar-powered heating systems for pools and hot tubs may also positively impact an establishment’s electricity use. While none of these things alone are likely to significantly reduce the amount of electricity used, combining several small measures can make a big difference overall.

Reducing Waste and In-Room Organics

Much like not replacing bedding daily, replacing soaps, shampoos, and other toiletry items from; only as needed or between guests reduces waste, and on a larger scale, reduces the ecologically damaging processes used to produce such items. For example, if hoteliers only purchase one bar of soap per guest rather than one bar of soap per guest per night, the impact of production will significantly decrease over time.

Bathroom amenities for hotels are also less expensive when used in an environmentally friendly way; after all, buying less of any item leads to an increased bottom line for any business. Hoteliers who wish to reduce waste and costs and improve guests’ opinions of their establishment may want to consider doing so with organic products, which are often very affordable when purchased in the quantities required for hotels.

Plenty of Perks for Going Green

From receiving excellent reviews from guests and lowering costs to earning tax breaks for opting to take an environmentally sound approach to outfitting a hotel, there is a host of benefits to going green for hoteliers. Those who are struggling with implementation may want to seek the advice of those who have already reduced their establishment’s ecological footprint.

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