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September 16, 2013
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Sick time, tardiness, vacation accruals and other attendance issues take up most of your time to compute your employees’ salaries. A quick solution to this is the, an employee time clock software that allows you to do all those issues above in a cinch. The software also enables your staff to track or check their own hours so they too, will have an accurate expectation of how much they will be receiving each payroll. It does so much more because you also get to create payroll reports in a few seconds.

Still not convinced? Here are some key points on why you should settle for Time Clocke Shop.

Time-Tracking Features

Time card software goes beyond tracking employees’ working hours. It also products tracks overtime, vacation and sick leave accrual and many more. Paid holidays are automatically added in their time cards too.


Aside from the main payroll report, there are card applications available where you can individual employee reports, attendance reports and annual summary reports.

Ease of Use

All you need is basic computer skills to use the software. The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Help & Support

Should you have any problems with your software, customer service is available any time you need it.

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