The Modern Mom
January 4, 2012
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My mother-in-law, who recently retired from work is bored.  She’s been staying at home since June of last year and she complains that there’s nothing to do at home.  MIL doesn’t know how to cook and is not used to doing house works.  All her career life (she was assistant to the governor of the Central Bank), she’s used to attending lots of meetings and traveling.  She stay’s in the office longer than she stays at home.  And besides, her sister (a spinster) is doing all the cooking in their house.

Yesterday I was talking to her and I suggested that she looks for nonprofit jobs.  She loves to help in charities anyway so I thought the Non profit jobs I’ve seen online would interest her.  I know a few people who have nonprofit careers and they seem to be enjoying what they are doing.  MIL is interested and she said she would start going through the job openings tomorrow.

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