The Modern Mom
October 28, 2011
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Winter’s coming and my son will soon be hitting the slopes with his friends. Just like skateboarding, he and his friends are into snowboarding too. He’s busy preparing all his gear and thermal clothing. He has been getting better every year. I think they are planning a trip to Colorado this year. Our son got hooked when he tried snowboarding in a visit to France. It’s not so different from skateboarding. He says it’s gnarly and exhilarating. Perhaps he would try it competitively at some point in the future. The kid is a natural and fearless.

Our entire family loves sports. We also like boxing and explore the back country on snowmobiles. We love winter and we make it a point to spend our winter weekends in different ski resorts or in a boxing ring practicing our defensive skills. Sometimes my husband would rent a log cabin and just enjoy the cold winter and he would bring up his Best Boxing Gloves and a punching bag to have some fun. We just cannot resist the call of snow. Luckily, none of us has ever had an accident despite being daring and adventurous. We all look forward to spending time in the mountains especially during the winter months and the snow is thick. We have even traveled to different countries just to try out their slopes. We’ve all been influenced by my husband’s sense of adventure. Nothing can hold him back from trying out different activities. My son has been influenced the most. What is nice about this is that it has given them a special bond.

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