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July 28, 2015
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Whenever talks about the prom come to mind, we always think of long dresses or long gowns. Maybe because we always associate long dresses with formal affairs and maybe because long gowns and dresses have been traditionally worn for prom nights.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I find short prom dresses by GCGme really chic. There is something about these dresses that make them look youthful. Short dresses can be just as elegant as long gowns. They can also be as sexy and sometimes even more as you get to show more of your legs. Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider wearing a short and chic dress on your prom night.

Comfort. Admit it or not, short dresses and more comfortable than the longer ones. It’s easier to move and you can even dance the night away without having to worry about the dress getting in your way. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your heels getting caught up in your dress.

prom 1

Stand out from the crowd. All the other girls will wear long dresses on that night because it is the tradition!

prom 3

Not just for prom night. More often than not, you only get to wear your long dress once, and oh, what a waste of money. You know how expensive, most of these dresses can get and you certainly don’t want to wear it just once. Your short dress can be worn again at future parties. Another thing is, short dresses are usually cheaper than long gowns because less materials were used to make them.

prom 2

Your shoes will shine, too. When shopping for a prom dress, you also shop for shoes. And I am so sure, you wouldn’t buy a cheap pair of shoes to go along with your expensive dress. With a short dress, your expensive shoes will have a chance to shine as well.

prom 4

So there you have it ladies. Short dresses are equally as chic! Don’t know where to find the most elegant short prom dresses. Click on this link, and be amazed with the most gorgeous prom dress you’ll ever find.

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