The Modern Mom
March 6, 2009
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If you have been frequenting this blog, you might have noticed that I’m back to my old template.  I really liked the Simple Style theme I got free from wordpress but when the Nuffnang add ran on the header, it didn’t look good.  I was so proud of myself with that one because for the first time, I was able to customize the header.  I am no tech-savvy and when it comes to changing or adding something on my website, most of the time I ruin it.  I always had to bother Sasha, my friend, to fix it for me.  She really doesn’t mind, I know that, and she’s always willing to offer help but she’s also busy and she has to attend to her blogs too.

Hubs told me about BlueVoda.  It’s a free downloadable software that is equipped with web building tools with hundreds of free logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and wesite headers.  The great news is, you don’t have to have knowledge on html web design, the people behind this program made sure the software is user-friendly.  With it’s drag and drop function, you won’t have problems when you create website because it’s very easy to use.  But in case you would ever need help, the site’s support team is just a click of a mouse away.

I already gave them my email address and I’m just waiting for them to email me back the download link.  By the way, that’s all they ask from you, a VodaHost web hosting account to get access to all their tools and freebies.

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