The Modern Mom
July 16, 2010
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I am now in my third year in blogging and I must admit my life was totally different before I blogged. I used to ask and complain all the time about hub’s addiction to blogging. I often asked why he blogs and he would simply tell me that it helps relieve stress and that I should give it a try it too. One time, I was left alone at home and had nothing to do so I thought of creating a blog.  My first blog was about addiction and urine inspired by From then on I was hooked.  I’ve met a lot of friends and they even taught me how to earn through my blog.  Blogging is a powerful tool in educating and making people aware of how things around us actually affect our daily lives. I have learned so many things.

I started with a free blog and later on decided to purchase my own domain and hosting solution.  A friend recommended web hosting choice and I’m glad she did because that’s where I found my webhost, it’s cheap and very reliable.  I’ve never even thought that several blogs more will be born after that, lol.

If you too are looking for value for your money, I recommend web hosting choice.  It’s your guide to find the best  webhosting solution for your website.

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