The Modern Mom
September 13, 2009
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It was only recently that I learned how to use photoshop. If not for my daughter I don’t think I ever would because when it comes to things about computers and programs, I have to admit I am quite afraid to experiment on my own.  Children seem to learn so fast about these things.  Both my kids love using photoshop because there are so many things they can do and I always had fun watching them play with our photos.  I love it when they turn some of our photos into funny pictures!

But they’ll be happier with my latest discovery, I am so sure of that.  Earlier, while I was doing my entrecard drops, I stumbled upon this online photoshop web site.  It’s a site where you can do so much more with your photos.  All you have to do is simply upload your photo and choose the effect you want, and you’ll have funny photos in an instant.  Everyday a new effect is being added to the site.  I can’t wait to tell the kids about this really cool site.  I am so sure more folders will be created for their funny pictures.


If you want to add spice to boring pictures, visit the website and see how you can turn them into funny ones.

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