The Modern Mom
November 18, 2011
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It would be nice to have a personal winter wardrobe aid at your every beck and call. During the colder months, we usually throw on several clothes just to keep ourselves warm. My friend in London doesn’t share the same problem we have. She relies on an app that goes hand in hand with the thermal clothing line of Damart UK. She downloaded an app that tells her what she should wear on a particular winter’s day. We all know how cold the bone piercing cold weather can be. The winter season is even colder in the United Kingdom. Winds can be cruelly cold in the UK.

While I laboriously look for what and how much I have to wear to beat the cold. My friend on the other hand simply inputs the data on her iPhone and the app tells her the perfect getup. How I wish I could have the helpful tool she has. Hopefully it will reach our shores too. I won’t have to buy so many winter clothes just to keep warm and toasty. I’m quite healthy enough and I don’t need the extra bulk.

With such a helpful app, I don’t have to burn a hole in my pocket shopping for winter clothes. I don’t have to look like an overweight bear with so many layers of clothing on while taking a walk outside during winter. I’ve been good and maybe Santa will grant my wish for Christmas.

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