The Modern Mom
March 26, 2009
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Maintaining several blogs is not an easy thing to do, more so if they have different hosts.  I am contemplating on transferring all my blogs in just one account so it will be easier for me.  I asked around so I’ll have an idea on how to do it, a friend suggested Pickaweb, she said I can can host unlimited domains with it.

I went ahead to check the site and true enough, they don’t just offer ordinary hosting plans, they offer Reseller Hosting.  Aside from hosting unlimited domains, I like the idea of  earning from it by reselling web hosting services.  It’s very ideal for those who wish to host a large amount of websites with larger bandwidth and disc space.  You can even set up your own hosting plan, set whatever price you think is right or go lower than other competitors.  Pricing is totally up to you.   And your customers won’t be sharing the same account with you.   You can give them access to their own control panel and you can  provide them a free online web site builder.

I like it because it gives me an opportunity to earn and blog at the same time.  Check out the web site if you’re also looking for opportunitites to earn.  Just click on the link to be directed to the site.

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