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December 23, 2014
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If you want to sharpen up your cooking skills and be able to prepare and present your food in the best possible way, you need to invest in a good set of kitchen knives.

There is quite a substantial difference between the range of knives you can buy and it is not always a guarantee that you will get the very best by paying top dollar. Search around sites like and the All Knives site and you will see that style, function and quality can be achievable without breaking the bank.

Good investment

Buying a set of knives is an investment that will reap rewards every time you are preparing food in the kitchen, you can also get other good appliances from reviews sites like so you do a good investment on your kitchen.

What you should be looking for in a knife is durability, good handling capabilities and sufficient strength to allow you to cut effortlessly and effectively.

What you need

Take time to consider the type of knife that you will want to have in your kitchen based on your particular cooking style, preparation methods and habits.

A typical set of knives should probably include an all-purpose utility knife, a chef’s knife, a vegetable or paring knife and a good bread knife with a serrated edge. You also need knives for cutting and preparing meat, so invest in a good cleaver, a filleting knife and a carving knife.

A set of knives with most of these different types included, should also come with a sharpening stone or something to keep your knife blades as good as new.

Buying a good quality knife set can often work out cheaper than buying them all individually, but choose carefully because if you end up not liking one knife for whatever reason, you may end up feeling the same way with the rest of the set.

Try before you buy

You should always hold each knife in your hand to see how comfortable it feels to you, before you go ahead and buy it, unless you know the brand already and are confident it will feel and perform how you expect it to.

We all have different expectations and requirements, so holding the knife in your hand will soon tell you whether you are both going to work well together in the kitchen.

Design matters

Another point to look out for when choosing knives is to see how much steel has been used and how the knife has been constructed.

Look out for any signs of joining or welding especially if it is in the hilt of the knife. This type of design may well indicate that the knife is either going to be poor quality or it may end up breaking sooner than you expect.

Knives made from a single piece of steel are normally at the top any price bands but this is because they will last a very long time and maintain their performance without fear of breaking.

These types of knives are expensive for a good reason, so if they are too expensive for your budget, look for a suitable design where construction is solid and there are no weak or thin handles or fixings to worry about.

Looking after your knives

Having invested in a good set of knives, you need to look after them properly.

Make sure they are stored so they don’t come into contact with other knives in the draw, so a wooden block would be good for this. Also avoid putting them in the dishwasher, as this can dull the blade.

If you take pride in being a good chef in your own kitchen, you will need to invest in a good set of knives so that you can approach food preparation tasks with confidence. And you probably want your kitchen to look good, this is why I bought a brand new countertop from FLOFORM Countertops for my kitchen.

Jean Murphy is a mom who loves to cook and write. When she finds something that works well for her, she enjoys sharing it on the web with others. Look for her interesting posts on a variety of websites and blogs.

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