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September 16, 2014
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Your bedroom is where you spend fully a third of your life. Most people fall into a rut of thinking that this room is just for snoozing, but it can also be a delightful place to read or just hang out and listen to music. This could be your peaceful place in the house where you won’t be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Creative Use of Chairs and Other Furniture

There’s a bed in here, but maybe what you need are chairs. Why chairs? Because they’re perfect for things like, you know, reading and stuff. Seriously, something like a charles eames chair will not only add class to the room, it’ll add functionality to it too – especially if it’s an upholstered rocking chair.

Create a small reading space by placing two chairs together with a small coffee table. The table can serve as a place to keep your books when you’re not reading them, and it can even be used to hold a table lamp. Simple, easy, and functional.

Another piece of furniture that can be added to your bedroom is a bench that sits at the end of your bed. These are great for getting dressed and for just lounging around.

Use Dividers

Dividers can also be incorporated into the room to physically segregate it into usable sections. Now, you don’t have to get crazy with them and create a maze or anything. Mostly, what you’re going for is a physical separation that creates defined spaces. So, for example, a small bookshelf could be used to break up the room. A chair, or a set of chairs, or even a dresser could be used to break up the room.

What do you do with a room that’s divided? Whatever you want. For example, many people keep  a T.V. in their bedroom to fall asleep to. But some people are annoyed by that idea. So, a compromise could be keeping a T.V. in the room, but sectioning off an area for T.V. watching. This forces you to commit to either going to bed or watching T.V. But, because you’re already in your bedroom, it’s sort of like already being in bed.

Use Throw Pillows

Get giant throw pillows for your bedroom so that you can sit on the floor and relax. Sure, it’s a little different, but it can also be exciting. Most people have become so accustomed to modern living, that they’ve lost touch with their primal side – you know, getting on the floor and playing around. Throw pillows can make a hard wood floor (or even a carpet) a little more comfortable, while still giving you an excuse to get down on the ground for some quality time with the dog, your kids, or just to read a book or listen to music.

Sitting on the floor may also be good for your health. According to Biomechanist, Katy Bowman, being able to sit down and get up off the floor, especially unaided, is a predictor of longevity and quality of life.

Jessica Andrews has enjoyed a long career in home interior design. From professional home offices to revitalized family rooms, she has a penchant for the inspirational, fun, and practical.

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