The Modern Mom
October 27, 2008
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Running a household means washing the dishes, doing laundry, preparing and cooking meals, ironing clothes, cleaning the house and the list goes on.  Just imagine the torture our hands and nails have to endure with all these tasks.  Those hands definitely need a spa treatment!  Here’s a simple way to have pretty nails, and the best thing is, you can do it at home… follow these simple steps…

1)  Prepare your hands first by removing old nail polish using acetone-free polish remover.  Acetone tends to be harsh on the nail’s surface, making it weak.  Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes, try adding a cup of milk to give your hand a moisturizing boost.

2)  Lightly slough off dead cells and hard edges behind your knuckles using a very mild hand pumice to reveal new skin.  To avoid cuts, try to do it in one direction.

3)  Dip your hand back every now and then, without leaving it in the water for too long.  A regular spa treatment includes applying a hydrating mask and wrap your arms with a warm towel for 5 minutes to suck out dirt from deep within your pores.  DIY with your usual facial mask.

4)  Slather your hands with moisturizer to lock in the softness.  Massage the back of your hands in a circular motion, then move on to your palms, and all the way to your elbows.  It’s a good way to stimulate blood circulation and rebew the layers of your skin.

5)  TRim your nails just a few millimeters beyond your fingertips without cutting deep into the sides.  Square-shaped nails help aboid ingrowns.  File them down to smoothen edges.  Pushing cuticles gently with an orange stick rather than cutting them is healthier and it promotes nail growth.

6)  Buff or polish your nails.  Buffing stimulates the oils from underneath your nails, leaving them with a healthy glow.  Don’t try to skip this step even if you choose to top it off with polish.

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