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August 15, 2013
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With the continuing rising costs of college, Congress seems to be more confused than ever about the value of an education and they are leaving many students without the chance to study, but thankfully they have the opportunity to join this school for broadcasting. For the longest time, high school students have been told that they cannot do anything to get ahead in the world without a college degree. College graduates make more money on average than high school graduates, which means that the government should be doing everything in its power to make sure that everyone goes to a college like a Colorado community college. If you are a teaching looking to get away from this problem, then visit this Birmingham Teacher Recruitment Office.


Subsidized Stafford Loans

Instead, Congress is planning to attach the interest rate on a subsidized Stafford Loan to the ten-year rate for treasury bonds. This means that not only will borrowing percentages be more this year than they were last, but they also can top out at 8.5% with the money that comes in from the program being used to pay off the debt. This is the same debt that would theoretically be paid by the higher income taxes of that college graduates would pay and which very few college students have actually had a hand in creating, sometimes students don’t realize there are other options out there, in this Top 10 Cheapest Accredited Online Colleges list, people can find a new way of being successful in life without having the need to go in debt to afford a career.

Incidental Costs

It isn’t just tuition and fees that have gone up in college. It is also the incidentals like food, clothing, gas, and entertainment. Textbooks are ridiculously priced, and they change almost yearly, even in a stable field like mathematics.

Heading Off High Costs

There are some things that parents and students can do to head off high college costs. The first should be to write to your legislatures at the state and federal level. At the state level, parents and students should make sure that politicians know that education at all levels needs to be fully funded. At the national level, parents should write to their Congressmen about the plan that attaches student loan interest rates to the Treasury bond. Anything above 3% should be unacceptable. Personally, students can choose to take their generals at a college like a Colorado community college. Community colleges are generally more economic, and if the college offers 18 credits for the price of 12, the student should take advantage of those extra classes.

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