The Modern Mom
July 21, 2011
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My nephew started working right after high school. He was content at first but soon found his career in limbo. Promotion is very elusive and he could not even break into middle management level. His stumbling block was education. Enrolling in a college or university would mean he has to stop working and study full time. This would mean he has to resign and lose his earnings. Without this, he would not be able to sustain his education.

Online Degrees are now being offered and I suggested he consider this alternative. He can work and earn a degree at the same time. I advised him to check out the many online degree programs in business management. He could easily climb the corporate ladder with this degree. I am sure that my nephew is not alone with this dilemma. Many would like very much to earn or finish their college degree.

Back in the day, working students either took part-time jobs and evening classes just so they can earn a degree. This took its toll on the students. Economics plays a big role in education. The cost was just too much to handle. In the end, these options were just to heavy on the wallet. The introduction of online education is a welcome option. No travel expenses or time constraints to deal with. You can study at your own time and pace. To learn more about which colleges and universities offer these degrees, you can visit

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