The Modern Mom
November 22, 2011
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My family loves to play games together. It can be any game, from video games, PC games, boardgames to even online games. We would spend countless hours playing and having real family fun. We would sometimes team up and play against each other like on Overwatch, and my son has gotten really great because he practices a lot, but he´s always asking how much is an OW boost worth? because he wants to be even better. The internet has so much to offer and would try out online games wherein we could play together. My husband and son has bookmarked several sites that we all enjoy playing in. Some are virtual boardgames and some are more action-packed ones. I also play some RPG (role playing games) games online which gets me pumped up most of the times. I guess that is expected when some monster is trying to make a meal out of you.

I discovered a family game we all love and enjoy playing. I discovered Bingo! I remember our entire family played this during our annual reunion. This online game is fun and I’ve told my family about it and they’ve been playing it too. Playing online bingo at is fun. Even my cousins are playing it too. There are prizes and bonuses up for grabs which makes it more exciting. Although not for minors, we grownups can enjoy it. My aunts and uncles also have been bitten by the bingo bug. Most are retirees and bingo is one of the favorite games they really enjoy.

Prizes range from a few bucks to thousands depending of course on the jackpot. There are several rooms you can play in and you can even chat while playing. It’s a great way to make new friends. My aunt has a new group of friends and they’ll be meeting up next month. The site has tips and even pointers on online etiquette. It’s fun, it’s new, it’s very exciting and it’s something that relieves your stress after a hard day’s work.

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