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September 25, 2013
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One of the things that kids love to do the most is play make believe games and role play with their friends. Their little imaginations thrive on acting and immersing themselves in a made up world, inventing their surroundings, a story, and interaction with other characters, either imagined or real. It’s no surprise therefore that many kids dream of a themed birthday party, where everything follows their fantasy world and all their friends join in with the fun. Organising a themed party can be tricky however, as there is so much to do and decide in getting it just right for your little one. When I host parties then I always rent a photo booth, you will get amazing pictures from it. If you are looking to rent one then visit website and get one photo booth.

The first thing to do is decide on the theme. Some kids are very into one particular thing, and this makes choosing a theme pretty easy. For kids that may not have one specific thing that they love deciding on a theme for their party is a little trickier. Sit down with them and ask what they would like to do, if it sounds a little too out there and therefore impossible to pull off, maybe suggest a few alternative ideas instead and see if they fancy something different. When choosing a theme you should consider how you are going to bring it to life and how much work will be required in doing so. If you don’t have a few ideas spring to mind as soon as the theme is mentioned, then it is probably going to be a bit tricky.

Part of throwing a themed party is getting dressed up too, and asking your guests to come in fancy dresses. Consider how easy it will be for everyone to find and make outfits for your chosen theme before you make up your mind. If you are in need of inspiration then why not have a look at George’s range of boys fancy dress and their girls range too for affordable and varied costume ideas. They may well kick off a great theme for the whole day.

 Decorating your home or venue for the party is important. If you are having the party in your own house, then decorate the room where the children will do their party games, and where they will eat, as well as the front door so that people know they are in the right place. You don’t need to go overboard with decorations, print out pictures, find a few cheap props, and improvise with anything you can to give the overall feeling of the theme throughout the party.

Games and food can both be themed too, and this will add to the excitement. Find a cake cutter that is relevant to your chosen theme and turn boring triangle sandwiches into much more. The cake is the main thing that can be customised here, either by buying a matching one off the shelf or making one especially. Traditional party games can easily be adapted to follow a theme, for example, if you are having a pirate party, then musical chairs could be taking place on a pretend boat and those left standing have to walk the plank!

Themed parties are great, and kids will never fail to get into the spirit of them, getting fully involved in the fantasy, at you will find the best kids birthday parties near Gardena to get some great ideas. Make sure all the key parts of the day tie in and a fab party shall be had by all. Adults aren’t exempt either, so make sure you’re ready to get dressed up too! This year I also decided to get some symphony concert tickets in Miami for my son’s birthday, after we get back we are having a surprise party for him, so excited!

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