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September 20, 2013
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           Summer babies cause their parents no end of worries: is the house too warm, what tog blanket should I use, where’s the factor 50 sunscreen etc. And yet by the time the heat has passed another set of worries arises: what’s the best coat for baby, where can I buy tiny shoes and how warm should baby’s bedroom be?

            Before children can even walk it’s time to take shoes seriously. Babies’ tiny bones need space to grow, and soft little leather shoes offer a great compromise between keeping little ones’ feet warm and not squashing their toes. The funky unisex designs on offer at Babski Baby will bring a smile from any parent and encourage foot finding in tots,improving hand-eye coordination. Choose from lions for your little lion, monkeys for your cheeky monkey, or rockets for your pocket rockets!

             A decent coat is essential too. Something waterproof but breathable, and also not too bulky that strapping baby into the car seat and pushchair become a problem. Simple fastenings will encourage children to have a go themselves; oversized buttons are easy for little fingers to manage, even in mittens. Make sure there are reflective elements in the design as well, to help aid safe walking in winter darkness.

            Little girls should be well stocked on tights. Comfortable and cosy, tights are an easy way to add a splash of colour to what could potentially otherwise be a dreary winter wardrobe. The frilly socks and slip on shoes of the summer months need to give way to boots, and tights ensure that boots won’t rub on children’s legs. Little boys might need different socks too for similar reasons, and don’t forget if baby’s starting to toddle those baby boots will need decent grip on the soles.

            A hat is a winter essential. Made of a breathable fabric, a knitted hat that covers the ears and ties under the chin will help rosy cheeks stay cheerful. Naturally a good pair of gloves will be needed too, as tiny frozen fingers can be the cause of many tears (if you’ve ever heard the wail of a child whose mittens have soaked through when having a snowball fight you won’t forget it in a hurry).

            Ultimately, if the clothing allows baby to be warm, dry and still enjoy playing then the outfits have been a success. Because, as is often witnessed at the school gates, although the temptation to wrap children up like tiny Michelin men until they can’t move might seem great, smarter clothing choices are better. And happy children equals happy parents.

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