The Modern Mom
July 27, 2011
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My sister bought an old turn of the century house which she slowly restored to its original look and finish. It is completely done in white with only the floors giving contrast. It looks impressive and to deviate from its design could make things look out of place. She needs furniture that would complement the house. The rooms have different colored wall papers but white still is the prevalent color. She started out with the living room. Dark wood furniture was just perfect for it. The cushions however were white leather. The den was accented with a white grand piano set in the center of the room. Lampshades were black with white shades of course. Even the cabinets and shelves are all in white. The dining room has a dining set in white with the tabletop done in light varnish stain.

The bedrooms were very much like the other rooms. Cabinets, wardrobes and shelves were all ordered from New England Lifestyle supplied most of these items. Every bedroom has white mirrors and dressing tables. Lighting and other decorative accessories were also procured from the same supplier. The house is nearly complete. It looks really great. Almost all the furniture have been delivered. Only a few decorative frames are to be installed. If you have a similar home, you may want to consider the same company that my sister commissioned. To check them out click here. They have everything in white. That includes even the accessories.


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