The Modern Mom
August 16, 2012
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Last night we heard the great news that my cousin gave birth to her second child.  It’s a baby girl and she named her Olivia.  According to Rob, her husband, Michelle had a safe and quick delivery and if everything goes well with Olivia, they can go home after a couple of days.  Everyone in the family was elated because we thought they’d never have another baby.  Michelle is already 42 and after Joaquin (her first born), they have been trying to conceive another child.  You can just imagine our glee when she announced that they have succeeded after trying for 8 years.  And now finally Olivia is here.

What makes me sad is the fact that they are too far away from us.  We can only see Olivia in pictures and it may take a few months or probably a year before we can see all of them.  Still, I need to make Michelle feel that we are with her and that we are very happy to welcome Olivia in the family.  Once again, I sent her Grand Rapids Flower Delivery just like I did when we first heard the news that she was pregnant with Olivia.  By this time I’m sure the flowers are on their way to Michelle’s room.  I specifically requested that her favorite yellow roses and pink carnation be on her bedside table the moment she wakes up.

We have plans of visiting them this Christmas.  I just can’t wait to see all of them especially her little bundle of joy.

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