The Modern Mom
June 11, 2012
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You can lose weight through different ways. You can exercise, diet and some take medication. If you want fast results, you can all do these at the same time. It’s different when you have a trainer, a dietician and a doctor supervising your entire weight loss program. Oh yes, I went through the program. Professional supervision is better than experimenting by yourself. A good trainer will know where you need to lose weight. She can then target the spots to tone and firm up. My dietician designed a week’s menu for me from breakfast to dinner. Eating the right amount and what is healthy helps you lose those unwanted pounds. My doctor chose a natural medication to help me lose weight. He chose the raspberry ketone supplement for me.

Some wold take the easy path and opt for invasive surgery procedures that I personally find unsafe. Time and again, I read reports of procedures gone awry. I want to lose weight the conventional and rewarding way. No guts, no glory; they say. Sure it takes a lot of will power to achieve it, but you can be proud of yourself afterwards. My husband was able to do it, I knew I can too. I am just a few pounds off my ideal weight. I have seen how my healthy lifestyle changed my entire life. I feel better and healthier. No more aching joints or heavy feeling.

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