The Modern Mom
May 3, 2012
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My dad is a diabetic and I’m glad that his medicine is working well for him.  It’s keeping his blood sugar at a level and so far there are no side effects.  He’s been taking it for years now and he’s used to it.  I am writing about his medication because I just came across an article about Actos lawsuit.  Actos is a diabetes medicine that is taken orally.  Apparently, the drug can lead to serious injuries like heart attacks and heart failure, plus it increases your risk of bladder cancer.  aside from Actos, the drug is also sold under the names ActoplusMet, Competact and Duetact.  If you know someone who’s taking it, it would be best to have him checked.  Although this is the first article I’ve read about Actos, it pays to be cautious.

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