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April 27, 2012
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I used to blame quitting smoking for my slow metabolism.  No, please don’t get me wrong; I am not regretting that I have finally ditched the bad habit.  I am very glad that I was able to do it quickly and I was able to curb my cigarette cravings easily.  What I really regret is I should have done it years ago when I was much younger and it was easier to shed off pounds.  I am already approaching mid-forties and it was only when the signs of peri-menopause started to appear that I realized that it could be the reason why I am having a difficult time shedding off the pounds.

It gets frustrating when you know you are working yourself to death to exercise regularly and diet just to achieve your desired weight but still there were no results, the dieting part isn´t hard at all if you go to to see all the meal plans for you.  I’ve even tried using all the equipment in the gym but it didn’t help.  After months of trying; not a pound was shed.  I hated to think that I was already experiencing a plateau when I haven’t even lost a pound.  Things were a lot easier when I was younger.  Because of this, I started getting lazy.  The gym visits became less frequent, I didn’t even try to ask how much a year is Nutrisystem, and a lot people commended it to me.

I knew the day would come that I would eventually stop because I was only getting more frustrated each day.  It was a blessing that before I did, I discovered a way on how to lose weight fast.  I was browsing the world wide web for weight loss tips when I found the article. The author’s tip is to run up the stairs and to walk back down.  Do it for five minutes and you’re done for the day.  According to the author of the articles, this five-minute spur is equivalent to an hour at the gym.  You can do it several times a day if you are working on losing weight even faster.  Running up the stairs help you burn fat easily because you exert a lot of effort.  The act sounds really but believe me, it is not.  The first time I started running up two plight of stairs, I only lasted for 3 minutes.  But as soon as I got used to it (it took me a week), I was able to last for 5 minutes.

I immediately lost weight after a few days and I’m still losing.  Plus, it saved me the trips to the gym.  Now I don’t have to head to the gym daily to lose weight.

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