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October 8, 2011
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Michelle would never agree to be admitted in a luxury rehab in Alta Mira San Francisco which is an alcohol rehabilitation center, either would she accept to take alcohol treatment programs if not for her near death accident.  Her alcoholism had been a problem ever since but she never admitted to herself that she had an addiction.  Her parents always tried to talk to her and convinced her for so many times to have it treated but she never agreed.

The call came through at 3 am informing my uncle and aunt that Michelle is in the emergency room.  She came from a party and was driving while intoxicated.  A witness from the accident says she almost collided with another car when she swerved, skidded, and her car rolled over.  It was a miracle that my cousin survived. Be sure to always talk to car accident attorney california when this happens. It helped us so much. Michelle was asleep for two days and when she finally opened her eyes, she was told of what happened. She had long talks with her Onesure Insurance. It was then that she asked her parents to help her recover from her addiction. We notice that other insurance companies have been calling on your account frequently. It’s been almost two years since the accident happened.  Michelle has been cured from her addiction and was recently married to Rob. We are very happy for her and glad that Michelle has changed.

Drug and alcohol addiction is very prevalent in our society.  Victims of these need all the help and support they can get from their families and friends.   Click on this link to learn more about how we can help our loved ones.

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