The Modern Mom
December 30, 2012
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My plantar fasciitis is getting better.  I started with the therapy last August and although the sharp pains are still there; my feet are a lot better now, once in a while I also use the home salt therapy machine which makes me feel a lot more relax. specially after a long day of work.  Stretching the plantar fascia several times a day really did the trick.  I stopped wearing flats and made sure my all my shoes and slippers have cushions to support the heels and the arches of my feet.  It’s a long treatment but I’m positive that if I continue to do so, the pain will be gone.

I think one of the causes why my plantar fascia got inflamed is because of my weight.  I’ve really gotten big over the last couple of years and although I’m exercising daily to shed off pounds, some other factors like perimenopause is preventing me from losing weight.  Another thing is I had to stand up for long hours at the store; that is too straining for my feet.  My husband and I had to look for a manual height adjustable table so I can easily sit down and rest when I’m not too busy. Being able to sit and stand quickly a few times a day really helped ease the pain and I know I am also offsetting a lot of future health problems like back and leg pains.

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