The Modern Mom
September 26, 2009
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With the cold months coming in Louise, my sister, is starting to worry about her sensitive teeth. A North York Dentist recommended porcelain veneers.  These are very thin pieces of durable, tooth-shaped porcelain that are custom made (matching shape and color) by a professional dental laboratory, I Visit their office in Mississauga all the time so I know how they are made. They are bonded onto the front of teeth to make teeth beautiful and stronger.  But she knows this could break her bank so she’s still thinking whether to apply for financing or come home to have the veneers done here. I talked to a few dentists in my area and inquired about Austin Porcelain Veneers Cost and we compared them with dentists in her area and the cost here is considerably less. Well, I hope she won’t take long to decide, in a couple of months it will be winter already.  If she really want them fixed, it has to be done soon.

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