The Modern Mom
September 11, 2012
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A photographer will always be a photographer.  My uncle used to have a photo shop here.  He is a wedding photographer.  Well actually he is an engineer but he never practiced because photography has always been his passion; portraits and weddings in particular.  He had no formal background in photography.  I guess it was his passion that made him really good at shooting photos.  All the weddings in the family were done by him.  All his sisters (my mom included) encouraged him to open a shop.

The photo shop was doing good but he had to leave it because he had to got to the US and marry his girlfriend.  It was wedding photography utah that took care of their photos.  Our family was not able to go because it was our exam week (I was in high school then), but mom said it was a wonderful wedding.

We thought he had forgotten about his first love because he was already working in a construction firm.  But like I said, a photographer will always be a photographer no matter what.  He missed it after so many years.  He started investing again on equipments and is shooting photos again.  We’re all happy for him that he’s back to his first love.

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