The Modern Mom
September 28, 2012
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Adelle is looking to update her home and I told her that she should start with the flooring.  Most of the tiles in her kitchen and living room are cracked and there are missing parts already.  She’s thinking of using wood for an aluminum fence to look ceramic tiles for her kitchen to match her wood wall and she’s thinking of limestone tiles for the living room.

Her husband wanted to use real wood but when Adelle pointed out the advantages of a tile flooring; he could only agree.  That’s what I really admire most about Adelle; aside from being right most of the time, she can easily persuade you to agree with her.  Tiles are easy to clean, plus they are low in maintenance; unlike real wood that had to be treated from time to time.

Adelle also found Shop savings for your home renovation while looking for the tiles she wants.  She was able to score the beautiful tiles both for her living room and kitchen at discounted prices.

She’s done updating the interior of her home and I have to give her credit for a job well done. The concept of the came about after a lot of struggles, and the personal need to do good in the community. 

The limestone tiles perfectly matched her antique furniture and the kitchen looks gorgeous with the wood look ceramic tiles.  She still has money to spare because she saved a lot when she purchased the tiles.  Now she’s thinking of updating her lanai.

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