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August 27, 2013
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It was never considered the most glamorous room in your house, but that’s changing fast. The bathroom is becoming the latest focal point for interior design and smart installations that make life easier and improve your property value. Remodeling the bath is a great idea because it’s an affordable approach to home improvement that’s full of exciting possibilities. From high-tech showers to glass-tiled walls, the humble bathroom is finally getting the attention it deserves.

One of the warmest ideas in recent bath design belongs underfoot. Tile floors are beautiful, and they’re even more inviting when they’re installed over a radiant heat system. Thermostat control lets you set a personal comfort level even in the coldest weather. The latest alternatives to traditional flooring include glass and stone tile, and these materials are ideal over a custom heating system. High-tech belongs on the walls too, and flat screened TVs are making their way into today’s baths along with built-in sound systems and charger stations for all your gadgets.


Free-standing tubs are enjoying a welcomed comeback and replacing that boring, white fixture with artful shapes rendered in finishes that range from the warm glow of copper to the satin sheen of brushed stainless steel. Picture your new bath bathed in natural radiance pouring in from a skylight and generous new windows, and you have a personal sanctuary that’s bright and welcoming. It’s time that this busy room gets some respect, so talk to a professional contractor for more ideas about the exciting bathroom remodeling Marietta homeowners are enjoying today.

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