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November 26, 2012
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Choosing whether to use PEX pipes or copper pipes can be particularly difficult especially for those of us who are clueless as to what PEX pipes are. Copper pipes have been around much longer and the advantages of using them for our plumbing needs have been proven over time, we recommend that When you are in need of DC plumbing services, Call Jiffy, you will get the best services. Because copper is a metal, we are well aware that it is durable and much easier to install compared to iron pipes. A clear advantage of using copper pipes for our water supplies is that copper inhibits the growth of bacteria which is an important consideration in terms of health benefits. Copper pipes are also ideal for use outdoors as they are unaffected by ultra-violet rays and are less corrosive in comparison to other metals. However, the effects of corrosion on copper are largely dependent on the acidity of the water that runs through it. Copper has also been known to freeze and sometimes even break during particularly cold winters.

On the other hand, PEX pipes are not without their advantages. They are a lot less expensive than copper pipes. Installing them is less complicated and definitely easier than the work required when using other types of pipes such as those made of copper. The maintenance costs involved when using PEX pipes in residential edifices are lesser and the cost of repair is also usually cheaper. In the end, the use of PEX pipes for your water supplies is considerably less aggravating than when copper pipes or other metal pipes are involved.

The added benefit of PEX pipes is that they are eventually energy-saving because they do not conduct heat as well copper. Because of their flexibility, PEX pipes require the use of fewer fittings in comparison with copper tubes. You do not need as many elbows and couplings because they come in longer lengths than copper pipes. They are not as heavy as copper pipes so, in general, plumbers have an easier time installing and working with them. Because of this, the cost of installing PEX pipes is much lesser. It is the cost-effectiveness of using PEX pipes that is its greatest asset in comparison to that of copper pipes.

While the benefits of using PEX pipes are multifarious by all accounts, their use for our water supplies is not without disadvantages. They do not have the same ability to withstand the extreme temperatures which make them inappropriate for use outside. Ultra-violet rays can have an adverse effect on them to the point of causing the breakdown of the materials used in them. They are non-recyclable which makes them unappealing in terms of environmental considerations. Water contamination can be a possibility, a weakness not found in copper pipes, due to the impermeability of the material used in making PEX pipes. In the end, the decision whether to use PEX pipes or copper pipes for our water supplies requires much thought and careful consideration.

A comparison of the features of PEX pipes against those of copper pipes can be one-sided if we have no information as to the materials that PEX pipes are made of. PEX tubes are made of high-density polyethelene polymer, a material that is known for its flexibility and tensile strength. This material is known to be resistant to chlorine which makes it ideal for use in water supply systems. In the event that the use of PEX piping for your water supply installation is reached, simply click here to find the best prices for PEX tubing, fittings and installation parts.

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