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October 12, 2015
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Before you finish your renovation, you may want to consider including the following upgrades and built-ins. These additional renovations add to your home’s overall value, as well as they’re easier to install while renovations are already underway. For example, it’s easier to install the wiring needed for recessed lighting or for the new TV aerial installation while the room’s walls are already down. So, if you’re planning a renovation (or one’s already underway) why not add some of these features?

Add a Security System

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A security system can lower your insurance costs as well as increase your home’s sale price if you’re planning to sell. Security systems are appreciated in areas where crime is prevalent. The homeowners in these areas want to know they’re safe, and monitoring equipment can provide that safety. Or if there are guests that you don´t trust, a hidden camera can be very good. You have to make sure your insurance agency explains to you what their Traders Policy is, you don’t want to be stuck in a bad situation later on.

In Glen Burnie, MD a serial burglar was captured after an alarm sounded. The burglar didn’t rob the home because the alarm likely scared him off. He’s robbed multiple other homes and businesses before his eventual capture. It’s situations like these that make a security system a worthy investment.

It’s important to include monitoring that has a direct line to police, such as the Glen Burnie ADT home security system. This is the only way to ensure the police show up if there’s no one home to dial 911. Also, it helps if your device is equipped with a panic button should a burglar hold the family hostage. Panic buttons send silent alarms to authorities.  

Add Energy-Efficient Appliances to Your Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

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“Energy Star-rated appliances are better for the environment, and they also help you save money, because they use less energy,” according to Money Crashers, a website devoted to helping individuals increase their wealth. Energy-efficient upgrades are also desirable to potential buyers who are looking to save money in their new homes.

Replace Your Garage Door

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To add to your home’s curb appeal, you should consider the best roofing nailer for some outdoor replacement projects to your renovation. “The average return on investment for these projects is almost 72 percent,” reports Replacing a non-electric garage door with an electric one is a worthy investment because it will save you time coming and going, as well as add to your property’s sale value, that’s how the maltasothebysrealty townhouses are design, which is why they are able to sell so fast. If you need to organize your garage first, get yourself some plastbokser to put all your belongings in their, it´ll look a lot better.

Renovate Your Attic also recommends that you turn your attic into another bedroom. Insulating your attic with the help of Summit Point Roofing, a quality roofing contractor Indianapolis, IN, will save you money on heating costs, and it adds a whopping 72.5 percent to the sales price of your home as said by a seattle ac repair company. Consider adding a second bathroom to really blend convenience and sales value.

Built-in Furniture

Although built-ins are worthy investments, they don’t come cheap. Better Homes and Gardens recommends that you ensure your budget can afford the upgrade. If it’s cheaper to purchase an entertainment center than it is to build one into the wall of your home, it may be better to purchase the furniture. Then again built-ins are an investment, so it may be worth the additional cost. “They appreciate in value. Think of them as an investment, unlike freestanding furniture, which begins to depreciate as soon as you buy it.”

If you’re already mid-renovation these additional add-ins can really maximize the value. Contact Columbus Kitchen Remodeling for your next rennovation. If you wait to install things, such as security systems, until later, you risk costing yourself more money. If the wall is already down, you should use it to your advantage. Overall, built-ins and upgrades are both financially responsible and great to look at. So if you search in Maryland for home improvement contractors, Insulators Home Exteriors is considered one of the best.  

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