The Modern Mom
September 7, 2012
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My sister always loved the feel of a soft carpet on her feet.  I too, like it but I had second thoughts because I always thought that rugs are tough to clean and maintain.  It turned out that I was wrong because when my sister bought an apartment, she had a carpet installed on her flooring.  She saw the elegant rug at online. She says she finds their rugs very affordable.

I had some reservations about installing a carpet in my home but when she explained that she wanted it not just for decoration but the rug acts like a trap.  The dust and allergen that circulate around our house fall to the carpet, keeping them there and keeping allergies at bay.  Well, she has a point.  The sniffles never leave my boys especially in the morning after waking up.  It could be that the air we breathe at home are full of allergens.  Still, I had to make sure that I won’t have a difficult time cleaning it.

What my sister does is clean it everyday using a vacuum cleaner and once in a while she calls in for service.  Well, I can do that.  And if really would help in keeping the sniffles at bay, a carpet is my next project.

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