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November 4, 2011
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In these tough economic times, it’s never been truer that pennies make dollars. Every little bit counts. Aside from mortgage or rent, the second most costliest necessity in life is certain to be energy. Electricity in particular isn’t getting any cheaper, yet the advent of super-sophisticated personal technology means we’re relying on it more and more. It’s important that families don’t merely stand by and let the electric bill run up simply because they consider it an inevitability. Chances are one of the following ways to easily save immense amounts of cash on your utilities is something you haven’t tried yet. Give one of these tactics a shot and see the discretionary income increase:


Most people don’t realize that cell phone chargers continue to use up energy even after the phones have been charged and unhooked, as long as the charger remains plugged in. The fix is simple: unplug phone chargers when they’re finished doing their job. If it takes promise rings to make sure your kids get reminded to do this, then so be it.


If you haven’t done this yet, then you haven’t been taking energy saving seriously. Sure, CFLs cost a bit more up front, but over the course of their lives, they’ll save users nearly $40 each. Multiply that by the number of bulb sockets in your house and it’s easy to see how much you could save in the long run by making the switch.


One-sixth of your home electricity costs stem from your refrigerator. When the door is opened, cold air rushes out and the machine has to work hard to return the inner temperature to a desired state. Items in the fridge retain the cold and assist in this effort by releasing cold back into the air. Therefore the fuller your fridge, the more energy efficient it will be. You can even use jugs of water for the same effect if filling it with food is not financially feasible.

Give one of these things a try and you’ll most certainly see results at the end of your billing cycle. And to think, you could’ve been seeing these results the whole time. In these tough times, every little bit counts. By making sure you avoid wasting energy and ensuring that you preserve it as much as possible, you’re sure to save more than just a little bit.

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