The Modern Mom
December 24, 2009
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Like many of us, I’m sure you are weary of spending most of your mornings rummaging for a toothbrush, a comb, a cotton bud or a lipstick that you always have trouble finding in your drawer? You know you kept it into the drawer, but you just can’t find it amid a tousled pile of toppled hair brushes, mouthwash bottles, dental floss, soaps,  lotions, beauty creams, sample-size versions of toiletries you collected from your trips, shower caps, first aid and grooming products, and cosmetics.

If those bathroom cabinets are so full of clutter, then it’s just about time you start to reorganize so things you need can easily be found when you need it. Stop ruining your whole day just because you didn’t find your favorite lipstick.  Organizing your bathroom doesn’t mean a total makeover.  With a little of this and a little bit of that you can give your bathrooms a renewed personality.

Hey, don’t worry too much about the budget.  Simple quick changes and additional bathroom furniture or storage units from Cheap Baths can do the trick. Just focus on a few quality items instead of trying to buy a lot of inexpensive fixtures.   Start the new year right, a clutter-free bathroom can stop those frenzied mornings.

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