The Modern Mom
January 10, 2014
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The safety of my home has always been of paramount concern to me and my husband. A common cause of fires is faulty electrical wiring, we have found. This motivated us to have the wiring of our newly purchased home to be checked and for this task, we had to find a reliable and reputable company. Previously we had used online Goodman heating retailer but fortunately, we found US Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable electrical services in Santa Monica. They work fast and efficiently and continue to respond to all our needs rapidly and expertly. They are on call 24/7 so calling on them at any time has never been a concern. We do not trust anyone else with our electrical needs since.

Known for their excellent service in providing heating and air conditioning services (also for industrial purposes, dealing with Rama®Rod cartridge heaters, etc.) we did not expect that they are also experts in electrical services.

We initially hired them to work on our furnace, we wanted to find someone to help us because we didn’t know how a gas furnace works at all. They are experts in furnace repair in Santa Monica as well. While they are known for their over 40 years experience in heating installation, repair and maintenance as well as air conditioning services, they were the ones who worked on our furnace when we had it repaired. We now go to them for all our heating, air conditioning and electrical needs. With US Comfort, your satisfaction is guaranteed 110%!

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