The Modern Mom
October 6, 2010
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Now that we have an extra room in the house,  my son can now have a room of his own.  My uncle who stayed for us for a while have left for the US last week.  We have fixed the bedroom by the help of Clear Choice Bath,so Joey can now start moving his things.  The bathroom which he will be using needs some attention.  Not something major, just a little fixing.

The fixtures are quite old so hubs and I thought of replacing them. Joey likes a shower enclosure and a rain shower head. Nothing really fancy, he said.  Just a simple glass enclosure and a not-so big shower head.  We have seen some  items at that Joey will like for sure.

Hubs and I are excited to work on his bathroom.  As soon as all the things we needed are in, we’ll start working right away.  Oh, Joey will be so surprised with his ‘new’ bathroom.

Once he sees them, I’m sure he’ll fall in love with the black theme.  I wouldn’t suggest all black though, some touches of white will add some drama to his bathroom. A set of bathroom furniture will also be installed along with several cabinets for his toiletries and towels.

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