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September 8, 2009
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Unlike my friend Annelle,  I don’t have an eye for interior decorating  but I know how to appreciate a good work of art when I see one.  I’ve always admired Annelle’s ideas.  She’s not a professional but she can turn a bare room into a classy one.  One time I asked her where she get her home decorating ideas, ” Sometimes it’s just spontaneous, but most of the time I get them from Interior Decorating Homes,” she said.

Having heard that, I headed over the site.  I wanted to see if I can also get some ideas so I won’t have to ask her every time I’m redecorating.  True enough, you can learn a lot from the website. They have a lot of decorating ideas, tips on painting, useful tips in creating interior designs on a budget and many more.  The site also offers tips on turning discarded furniture or materials into something useful.  Like for example, you just discarded a door.  Instead of throwing it, you can turn it into a dining table. Interior Decorating Homes will show you how to do that.

Another thing that caught my attention are the feng shui tips.  I believe in this and I want to get into the habit of of regularly checking the energy flow in my home.  Not knowing where to start, I clicked on the Feng Shui basics article.  I learned about how to create a good flow of Chi when redecorating, renovating, and how to reposition the existing furniture for better feng shui.

You can learn so many things about home decorating in this website.  You can check, the shutter specialists, transforming homes across the UK, for assistance.

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