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September 4, 2013
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faux flowers 1

I love putting plants and flowers indoors to add some accent to our living room. It also make it more cozy and warm. I am well aware that some people maybe allergic to them and I also considered how hard it is to take care of them. My daughter suggested that I use artificial ones. Not only will it be safe for our guests, they really do not need too much attention. They wouldn’t need watering and will never wither. I visited a well known flower shop which carries a great artificial flower line and picked up several which came with lovely vases.

My next stop was an interior design shop. They had a good selection of a specific artificial plant that goes well with our living room furniture and drapes. They also had flowers for my dining  room. I found pretty ones that perfectly matched my burlap runners. My daughter and I did not waste any minute setting them up. We rearranged them several times before we settled for the look we had envisioned. My husband was so pleased with what we have done that he had a small party for the weekend.

faux flowers 2

I too can’t wait to see our friends’ reaction. Our once dull living room is now so lively thanks to these beautiful flowers. I also am thankful for my creative daughter who had a brilliant suggestion.

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