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November 16, 2013
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Laundry is an unavoidable duty, but it’s an activity that contributes significantly to environmental pollution. Apart from using gallons of water, your laundry releases loads of environmental pollutants and consumes a lot of energy. That’s right even small things can harm our mother earth so it’s better to know things. There’s this one company that allows people to make their own pollution-solution system, they also offers Catalytic Oxidizer.

Fortunately, it only takes a few simple changes to reduce the eco-footprint of your dirty socks. Here are some tweaks you can make to your laundry practices to ensure that your laundry days are a whole lot greener – and you’ll save money too!

Read the labels

Artificial fragrances and toxic ingredients in your laundry aids can not only hurt your family but also pollute the environment and harm wildlife. The alphabet soup of chemical toxins found in your detergent, fabric softener, bleach and stain remover don’t just disappear down the drain. They disrupt the natural order of our planet and make their way into our drinking water. It’s within your power to control what you pour down your drains; read your labels and choose environmentally friendly brands to do your laundry.

Wash full loads only

Avoid the temptation to wash several small loads during the week, and wait until you have a full load to do the wash. Even if you have an ultra-energy-efficient washer, you’ll still have to use a lot of water to wash one load.

Wash with cold water

You’ll waste a lot of energy by heating water to wash your clothes. The truth is that you’ll get the same results, with less wastage, when you wash your clothes in cold water. If your clothes are extra-dirty, pre-soak them for an hour in a solution of baking soda and water, and they’ll come out just fine after a cold wash.

Sort your laundry

There are obvious benefits of sorting your laundry, but the green benefits are not as obvious. Besides sorting by color, you should keep lightweight and heavyweight pieces apart. Loads of similar weight will improve the efficiency of the dryer.

Use non-chlorine bleach

Brighten your laundry without the help of toxic bleach. Choose a non-chlorine alternative or soak your clothes in a mixture of water and peroxide, vinegar or lemon juice. Improve the stain removing power of these ingredients by leaving the clothes to soak up some sunlight.

Get new appliances

Swap out your washer and dryer for Energy Star rated models, and you’ll see a tremendous difference in your energy bills. Front load washers use less water than their top-loading counterparts and provide more washing area for larger loads. Improve the efficiency of your dryer by emptying the lint trap and making good use of the moisture sensor. Give your clothes an extra spin in the washer to squeeze out extra moisture before tossing them in the dryer.

Line dry

Install a clothesline and you’ll reduce the amount of energy required to dry your clothes. Nature’s dryer will help you conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill. Apart from those benefits, line dried clothes last longer than clothes tossed in the dryer. The heat deteriorates the fibers and contributes to fading, so line dry and extend the life of your clothing.

Simple changes in your laundry go a long way towards preserving the environment for future generations. Take an active role today.

Jude Robertson is a stay at home dad of six small children. Always looking to save both money and the planet, he enjoys blogging about his findings on the Internet. To find out how you can save on cash while saving the environment, click the link.

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